Do you need a Medico-legal report? You mean "Forum MD"!
One-stop-shop with all your legal needs for a successful claim. Forum MD is a subsidiary of the Dr. Frishman Group, a leader in service, quality and innovation in medical consulting and providing medico-legal reports in Israel.

The high quality of medico-legal reports which the firm supplies to thousands of lawyers who turn to us every month, gives us a distinct advantage over other companies in the field.

Forum MD is a groundbreaking and leading firm in the struggle against a "conspiracy of silence" within the Israeli medical system; an unacceptable situation when expert doctors refuse to testify or even investigate professional issues which might associate their colleagues with a possibility of medical malpractice.

Utilizing a carefully chosen staff of experienced and expert doctors, leading scientists and lawyers in their fields, we provide a broad range of medical & legal solutions, including locating the best available experts for drafting medico-legal reports, even in sensitive areas which are susceptible to this "conspiracy of silence".

Our primary areas of expertise:

  • Analysis of medical cases.
  • Compiling medico-legal reports
    • Providing a professional service for all medical and legal needs, including medical malpractice, injury, insurance, vehicle accidents, National Insurance, nursing care, income protection insurance and more.
  • Information collection.
    • Dealing with bureaucracy and collecting relevant information from medical establishments, National Insurance, local authorities, rehabilitation centers, government offices, police, the Ministry of Defense and more.
  • Accompanying the client from beginning to end.
    • During the data collection and compiling the medico-legal reports, we maintain ongoing contact with the client, whether lawyers or private individuals, in order to achieve the maximum result.
    • Our experts are trained and experienced in testifying in court and their professional opinions are widely respected.
    • Forum MD can provide financial assistance/loans to the customers when needed, in order to finance the costs of the experts and bring the case to a successful conclusion.
  • By us, no client will remain helpless without a solution.

Forum MD also ONLINE

Forum MD's "Get Doctor" website provides a digitally accessible response for the public.

Without leaving your office or home, with the click of a button, you can acquire a professional opinion. Private individuals and lawyers can upload all their information to our site. These materials will be carefully assessed for the feasibility of the claim and to fit the right medical expert to the case.

Forum MD also specializes in 3 professional forums:

The Criminal Law Forum

Medico-legal advice in Forensic science, Chemistry, Criminology, Psychiatry, DNA, Polygraph, Graphology and more.

The Economics & Actuary Forum

Actuary services for Damages and injury, Employment law, Family Law, Pension & Savings funds, Worker’s rights, Property evaluation for divorce and more.

The Occupational Medicine Forum

Occupational medicine advice for Organizations, Employment fitness, Extended leave absence from work, Worker’s rights, Risk assessment and Employment crisis management.

Legal firms, organizations and companies turn to us at the Forum MD and we supply tailor-made solutions for all medical and legal issues.

Thousands of lawyers, millions of Shekels for thousands of satisfied customers…because one can’t compromise with the best medico-legal reports.